Aida Jordão’s Cardboard Costume Set Piece

Cardboard Costume Set Piece

Cardboard costume used by Aida Jordão (seen here) when representing Garcia de Resende in her play On The Death of Inês de Castro. The outfit has a white laced collar; a light brown vest with short flaps at the hip; dress shirt white sleeves (not cardboard); ballooned breeches with light and dark brown stripes; high top red socks; and brown shoes.

Aida Jordão’s Description

Aida Jordão, September 6, 2023 (edited for length)

Below is the program description for On the Death of Inês de Castro:

Playing with the female voice and subject in the medieval poetry of Garcia de Resende, Trovas à Morte de Dona Inês de Castro.

Conceived, adapted and performed by AIDA JORDÃO.

Directed by MARGO CHARLTON.                                      

Music for the Portuguese guitar composed and performed by NUNO CRISTO.

Set pieces created by KELLY WOLF

The love story of Inês de Castro and Pedro I of Portugal has been mythologized and idealized by European writers and artists since Inês was beheaded by royal decree in 1355. Garcia de Resende’s ballad to the death of Inês de Castro, published in 1516, is the earliest extant dramatic poem to immortalize Inês. It has influenced historians, novelists, poets, playwrights, painters and filmmakers to this day. The theatrical quality of the poetry and the construction of Inês as a strong-willed female character who sabotages the male poet’s message inspired Jordão's performative feminist interpretation.
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