Alexandre da Costa

Alexandre da Costa
Violinist & Conductor

Born and raised in Montreal.
Lived in several European cities.

Je me souviens très très bien d’avoir joué lors d’événements importants dans la communauté portugaise de Montréal quand j’avais 10, 11 et 12 ans. Il avait été là, toujours là pour me soutenir à chaque étape de ma carrière – Alexandre da Costa.

Alexandre Costa is one of the world’s most renowned violinists, with an impressive list of achievements. A child prodigy, he began performing live as a soloist at major concert halls when he was 9. Since then, he has recorded 25 albums; gave over 2,000 concerts with over 100 orchestras, including as a conductor; received several international awards; delivered master classes around the world; and has taken administrative roles in important musical projects and organizations. Despite his worldwide fame, Alexandre remains connected to his Portuguese heritage and his Montreal roots.


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