Ana Paula Lopes

Ana Paula Lopes
Social Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Not-for-profit Director, Philanthropist, and Fundraiser

Born in Lisbon.
Based in Toronto.

I was raised like a Portuguese woman. But an independent Portuguese woman. Because my father had no sons, he always treated me as if I was a boy. He was an extremely intellectual man… And there were no excuses, I had to be informed, involved, educatedAna Paula Lopes.

Ana Paula Lopes is a leading social entrepreneur, non-profit director, philanthropist, and fundraiser in Toronto. Her impressive career started as a social worker in the Portuguese community, after which she became executive assistant to Premier Bob Rae, and corporate director of multiple non-profit institutions, including the Center for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Women’s College Hospital Foundation, among others.


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