Bloodless bullfights

Bloodless bullfights
Ganadaria Sol & Toiros

Monumental Arena Vitor Mendes, Dundalk, Ontario

Here it’s bloodless. The bull gets tired but not as tired as in Portugal. He is still very aware, he is not losing blood… Guys from Portugal when they come here they think we’re pretty crazy for grabbing bulls that haven’t been stabed. I would have to say that it’s a little tougher, but we get it done – Élio Leal

The primary promoters of bullfighting in Canada have been Élio Leal and his family. Élio moved to Canada at age eighteen and brought with him the love of bullfights typical of his native island of Terceira, Azores. Élio introduced bullfighting by rope and horse bullfighting to Ontario in an arena that he built in Dundalk. But first he had to adapt to Ontario’s animal protection laws by adopting the “bloodless bullfighting” (using velcro spears) idea first introduced by Portuguese-Americans in California.


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