Folk Dance Festival

Folk Dance Festival

Portuguese Canadian Club of Vaughan

Rancho da Nazaré

If a person is too individualistic they end up ruining the other person’s dance and it goes along the circle like that ruining the whole dance. A lot of people don’t understand it if they don’t know what rancho is aboutCarlos Calado.

The Portuguese Canadian Club of Vaughan has organized an annual festival of ranchos folclóricos since 2015, which draws folk dance troupes from across Ontario. Among them is Toronto’s Rancho da Nazaré, the first folk dance troupe in North America and one of the first Portuguese organizations in Canada, founded in 1959; and Vaughan’s Rancho Os Antigos, one of the most recent folk dance troupes, founded by Portuguese-Canadians who grew up dancing rancho in similar organizations.


Hora dos Portugueses