Grelo family’s horse farm

Frank Grelo
Horse farmer and riding instructor

Grelo farm founded in 1978

Francisco Grelo,
Rosanna Grelo,
Melissa Grelo

3545 Olde Base Line Rd, Inglewood, Ontario

My dad totally brought Portugal to the farm. Everybody who came and brought their horses who had been at other barns, they immediately told us about how unique the flavour was. In Canada there is a fad for the European trainer, and he lived up to a lot of people’s expectations – Rosanna Grelo.

Frank Grelo was the first horse farmer in Canada to breed the Lusitano horse. Since 1978, Frank’s horse farm and riding school, first in Cedar Mills and later in Caledon, Ontario, has hosted many students, who have learned how to ride using classic Iberian techniques, some inspired by bullfighting. Two of Frank’s best students are his daughters, Melissa and Rosanna. After having accompanied their father in many horse riding shows across Canada, the Grelo daughters pursued careers in entertainment, with Melissa becoming one of the most recognizable faces on Canadian television as the host of multiple top-rated shows.


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