Helena Loureiro

Helena Loureiro
Chef & Restaurateur

Born in Serra de Santo António, Portugal.
Based in Montreal.

I was lucky to be born in a kitchen. My grandmother was an excellent cook. I got here when I was 21 years old, full of ambition, will, and grit, like every young person. I knew that my village would be too small for me – Helena Loureiro.

Helena Loureiro’s passion for cuisine and winemaking was formed in her youth, which she spent in the small rural village of Serra de Santo António, in Ribatejo. Helena studied culinary arts in Lisbon and Montreal, where she settled in 1988 and became a chef. In 2003, she opened her fine dining restaurant PortusCalle. Since then, Helena has become a distinguished chef and restaurateur in Montreal and published award-winning cookbooks.


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