Luso Canadian Charitable Society

Luso Canadian Charitable Society

Founded in 2002 out of the former Society of Disabled Persons of Ontario.

It’s very important for us to spread the word and continue to tell the world that this is not a matter of charity. It’s a matter of supporting and requesting government aid, so that we can have a world that is inclusive of everyone and is accessible to all – Lena Barreto.

Formed by a group of Portuguese community leaders, the Luso Canadian Charitable Society has been helping adults with developmental and physical disabilities since 2002. Over the next fifteen years, this organization opened large, state-of-the-art centres in Toronto, Hamilton, and Mississauga, offering a wide range of programs. Initially dedicated to serving the Portuguese-speaking community, this organization soon expanded its services to the broader community. Much of its growth has relied on fundraising with governments, businesses, volunteers and generous supporters.


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