Maria Teresa Linhares de Sousa

Maria Teresa Linhares de Sousa
Ontario Superior Court Justice

Born in Madeira.
Lived in Toronto.
Based in Ottawa.

My cultural background gives me glasses with which to interpret what I am hearing and then be able to apply to a law that applies to everybody… Having a culturally diverse judiciary, I think, is a good thing for a country like Canada – Maria Teresa Linhares de Sousa.

Maria Teresa Linhares de Sousa is a retired Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario (Family branch). The daughter of one of the “pioneer” migrant workers who arrived in Canada in the 1950s, Sousa was among the first Portuguese children to settle in this country. She has seen her immigrant community develop over the decades, much like her fellow Portuguese-Canadians have witnessed and celebrated her achievements as one of their own.


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