Marito Marques

Marito Marques
Musician & Producer

Born in Arganil.
Lived in Lisbon and New York.
Based in Toronto.

The last time I played with Rão Kyao, we spoke about living abroad. Living in a different country that is not ours. He said: “Marito, the best way for you to return to Portugal is to leave. When you come back, you are going to understand this country. You will have an even stronger connection to it” Marito Marques.

Marito Marques has been playing drums since he was 2 and performing live since he was 5 years-old. Born in Arganil, in central mainland Portugal, Marito’s career as a professional drummer, composer, and producer as allowed him to travel the world with touring with multiple Grammy Award winners and nominees. He also lived and worked in Lisbon, New York, and Toronto. Marito has recorded four studio albums, where he combined traditional Portuguese sounds with jazz, Latin, African, and other styles from around the world.


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