Marta Raposo

Marta Raposo
Fado singer

Born in Covão do Feto.
Lived in Lisbon.
Based in Montreal.

When I came to Montreal, that’s when I started to connect to fado… All of a sudden it wasn’t bad anymore, it was speaking to me. I could understand that sadness [coming out of Amália Rodrigues]. Maybe because I was away from my country – Marta Raposo.

Marta Raposo is one of the most hard-working fado singers and promoters in Montreal, where she settled with her family in 1986. She has performed in multiple community clubs and events, been a resident singer in fado restaurants in Montreal and Lisbon, and was the first fadista to sing in the House of Commons. Marta is also a journalist who has worked with multiple Portuguese media outlets in Montreal.


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