Nicolas Fonseca

Nicolas Fonseca
Multimedia artist

Born and raised in Greater Montreal.

I still remember spending time with my paternal grandfather in Trás-os-Montes… The first question was always: “Yes, but what are we going to eat?” It was always that need to defined the day between what we’re going to eat and what will follow after our meal… That aspect really influenced me and developed my fascination with food – Nicolas Fonseca.

Nicolas Fonseca, or Mister Jaune, is a prolific and award-winning multi-platform producer, director, and curator based in Montreal, where he was born. His extensive work has explored conventional film and television productions, online digital media, interactive trans-platform storytelling, and most recently art installations and curated food gatherings. While informed by multiple sources and personal experiences, his Portuguese background has been an important source for his creativity.


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