Pedro Vieira

Pedro Vieira

Born in Portugal.
Lived in France and Germany.
Based in Waterloo, Ontario.

As Portuguese scientists, we have great conditions to be successful, because we have a very good educational foundation. Because moving within Europe is a trivial fact for us, and in the world, not trivial but fairly easy… [A]t the beginning of our research career we can easily move to other places and have success abroadPedro Vieira.

Pedro Vieira was born into a family of math teachers in northern Portugal, where a high school sparked his interest in physics. After completing his education in Porto and Paris, Pedro became one of the youngest hires in the world-leading Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, in 2009. His contributions to quantum field and string theories have made him a major reference in this science, as reflected in the multiple international awards he has received.


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