Manuela Marujo

Manuela Marujo

Born in Santa Vitória, Baixo Alentejo.
Lived in England, Germany, Sweden, and Angola.
Based in Toronto.

The children of our first students are already here at university. They say clearly: “I’m going to teach my childen Portuguese.” They have a desire to pass on their Portuguese language. Given that we are in the hundreds of thousands [in Canada], we are going to continue to have a language that is very much alive in Toronto – Manuela Marujo

Manuela Marujo is an Associate Professor Emerita in the University of Toronto’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. A native of Baixo Alentejo and an avid traveller, Marujo visited Toronto as a Portuguese language instructor before settling here in 1985. She has since been an active scholar, educator, author, and community member in Toronto.


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