Sagrado Coração de Jesus Marching Band

Sagrado Coração de Jesus Marching Band

Founded in 1974 at Sta. Cruz Church in Toronto

St. Helen’s Catholic Church Parish Hall, 1680 Dundas St West, Toronto

Over the years, in our integration in Canada, we have shown that we are a hard working people, but also… a people with culture and artistry. A man does not live of bread alone. The Portuguese community has shown over the years that it is rich in many thingsMiguel Domingos.

Philharmonic bands have been a feature of Portuguese communities in Canada, especially during Azorean religious festivals. Founded in 1974 by about 30 immigrants, the Sagrado Coração de Jesus band is today one of the oldest Portuguese organizations in Canada. Today, the band has about 50 members of different ages, coming from different parts of Portugal, and a large number of women and immigrant descendants.


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