The Oliveira Family – Tobacco Farming

The Oliveira Family

From Guisande, Minho, Portugal.
Settled in Norfolk County, Ontario

I started being around tobacco when I was five years old. My grandfather would come get me to help him put irrigation pipes on the field… And to drive the tractor at that age, with him and my uncles… I loved itVictor Oliveira.

Many Portuguese immigrants who arrived in the 1950s-60s worked in tobacco farms in Norfolk County in Southwestern Ontario. Most of them did it for a short period of time during the harvest season, but many settled in the region, especially in Simcoe and Delhi. A few became tobacco farmers themselves, like the Oliveiras, who arrived in Canada from Guisande, Minho, in 1967. This large family formed its own Portuguese-speaking community near Tillsonburg, where the tobacco farming tradition is now on its third generation.


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