West Neighbourhood House – Older Adult Centre

West Neighbourhood House
Older Adult Centre

Multi-service settlement house and community centre

248 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

We have time to speak our own language. But it is extremely important for us to be part of an integrated community. With time, people started accepting it and today we have Vietnamese, English, French, ladies and gentlemen. And people like it, even if they don’t speak English, but through gestures and play it ends up being universalOdete Nascimento.

Founded in 1912, West Neighborhood House (formerly St. Christopher House) is one of the first settlement houses in Canada. Since the first Portuguese immigrants settled in Toronto in the late 1950s, this organization has worked with this community as clients, volunteers, employees, and executive members. One of its most successful programs is the Older Adult Centre, where for decades now the majority of its members have been Portuguese immigrants, especially women.


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