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Emanuel Pavão

The influence of my Luso-Canadian upbringing is something that is mostly subconscious but prevalent in my artwork.  In the crystallized art piece titled First Snowfall, this influence can be detected in the use of material, the choice of subject matter and a novel approach to a creative process in which I express my cherished memory of our first snowfall in Canada.

In the tape art piece titled Row Houses, the Luso-Canadian inspiration can be seen in the culmination between western architecture and a European colour sensibility. I am more interested in capturing the essence of a scene/subject matter than creating a verbatim copy.  I believe the subtle detail of a flag on the vehicle encapsulates this essence of the multicultural neighbourhoods around Toronto and the sense of pride many of us share in our diverse backgrounds. 

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João Paulo Medeiros

Composition with found objects

Nothing stays forever
Everything is transforming
Accepting our vulnerability
We witness the continuing story
In change energy continues forward
In endings there are beginnings
The evolution of the story
Nature repeating the tide
Of death and rebirth
The revelation
Made manifest in mundane things

Dispels the shadows
Transfigured forms emerge
To see beyond what is dead
Decay opens the door
To perceive mortality
As an endless bridge to the chrysa
Of perennial life

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Teresa Ascenção & Moon Palmar

Weaving by Moonlight is a Fado (Portuguese Blues) and Punk inspired video and lacework installation by intergenerational artists Moon Palmar and Teresa Ascenção that uncovers transformation and fluidity in Portuguese-Canadian histories & identities through migration to Canada. The work is primarily inspired by hidden queer lives of Portuguese immigrants and their ancestors (family members and poets), as well as the artists’ and their families’ various personal and social transformations through immigration to Canada. The work comprises a VHS mashup of early family videos with poetry, song and a 25-foot long trail of overlain traditional Portuguese laceworks. There will be a special live performance of Weaving by Moonlight at the public opening on September 17

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Raquel da Silva

Inspired by the piece by Peter Paul Ruben, this work touches on the story of Prometheus and his ultimate desire for human progress. It touches on the ideas of hope, struggle and human progress. 

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Rui Pimenta & Ricardo Quaresma

Birthday Suit (series)
Digital prints

Birthday Suit is a series of self-portraits, works that simultaneously reveal and conceal its subject as all self-portraits to some extent or other do. The subject in these photographs is as much the artist –who wears a costume made from latex and raw paper– as it is his natal city of Lisbon. Part of a larger in situ series of performances for the camera, this work explores themes of connection and alienation and the desire to understand the all too elusive meaning of home that is such a common part of the immigrant experience. 

Rui Pimenta is based in Toronto and this project was created in collaboration with Lisbon based photographer Ricardo Quaresma.

Susy Oliveira

These collages are made from repeated and staggered images of the same photograph. They mimic a digital glitch but are all individually hand cut and physically layered; an attempt to reanimate the static image. The laborious process of hand cutting each image in conjunction with what might look like a photoshop error, suggests a connection between permanence and value. The plants represented in these collages are from my mother’s house plants. My parents immigrated to Canada from a rural village in Portugal where land and nature connections were strong. In Canada they continue to use this knowledge as avid backyard and home gardeners.

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