Manuel da Costa – Gallery of the Portuguese Pioneers

Manuel da Costa
Businessmen & Philanthropist

Born in Castelo do Neiva.
Based in Toronto.

Gallery of the Portuguese Pioneers, 960 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto

If there isn’t a voice… who says: “We can do better. We have better. We deserve better.” Nothing ever gets done. My thought was always, let’s do something differentManuel da Costa.

Manuel da Costa is the owner of a successful roofing company for large structures that has employed several Portuguese emigrants since he founded it in 1984. Informed by his childhood memories of growing up in an impoverished family in a humble yet mutually supportive community of fishermen in northern mainland Portugal, Costa has dedicated much of his life to supporting various initiatives and organizations in Toronto’s Portuguese community. He also owns multiple non-profit cultural organizations and Portuguese-language media outlets.


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