Gallery of the Portuguese Pioneers’ Santo Cristo Shrine

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Emanuel and Fátima Paiva’s Santo Cristo Shrine

Ornate wooden box shrine with a handle on the top, carved floral patterns along the front edges, and two painted

pink roses and green leaves on the front. Inside, protected by glass, an image of Ecce Homo standing on top of six saintly figure heads, alongside a crimson and white Holy Christ of Miracles cape, and red and white roses on the bottom. Written on the back of the box are the names of the authors and the date (above), and the inscription “Artes regional (sic) de Paiva [,] Brampton [,] com amor de açoreano para o museu dos pioneiros” (Regional Arts of Paiva, Brampton, with Azorean love to the museum of the pioneers). Signed Maria de Paiva.

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Emanuel de Paiva and Fátima de Paiva

Date:  October 31, 2010

Place of origin: Brampton, Ontario