Peter Fonseca

Peter Fonseca
& Athlete

Born in Lisbon.
Raised in Toronto.
Based in Mississauga and Ottawa.

[Prof. Moniz Pereira] invited me to go to Lisbon, Portugal, to the Sporting Club in Alvalade. I lived there, at the stadium. And Prof. Moniz Pereira always spoke of the “University of Alvalade,” and what we learned as athletes but also as citizens, and as people throughout our career. And that touched me very muchPeter Fonseca.

Peter Fonseca has been winning races since his youth, first as an Olympic long-distance runner and later as a provincial and federal politician representing the riding of Mississauga East – Cooksville with the Liberal Party. A former cabinet minister in Ontario, Peter is one of the longest serving Portuguese-Canadian politicians. His civic and political consciousness was in large part shaped by his parents’ volunteerism in Toronto’s Portuguese community and his time training with Professor Moniz Pereira at the Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon.


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